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Vaulted Releases College Memory Coins

June 19, 2023, Kent, CT 

College is a transformative time filled with profound experiences that shape one's life. Now colleges and their communities can commemorate those unforgettable years with Vaulted's "College Memory Coins" which turn objects like diplomas, acceptance letters, game day merchandise, and every favorite college keepsake across campus into interactive vaults for digital memories like photos, personal notes and videos.

“We are thrilled to support colleges with the launch of Vaulted's latest product line, "College Memory Coins," says Vaulted founder, Lara Hanson. “By blending the tangible and digital worlds, our mission is to celebrate, engage, and preserve cherished college memories by working closely with colleges to offer a range of branded coins and keepsakes that connect people in a unique and meaningful way.”

"College Memory Coins" will revolutionize the way people celebrate and memorialize by adding value and taking traditional keepsake items to a new level. Diplomas, tour books, acceptance letters, ring boxes, frames, and keychains are infused with cutting-edge technology, unlocking a whole new dimension of reminiscing and engagement.

Each keepsake is embedded with a special memory coin, acting as a key to unlock a world of digital memories. By simply tapping the coin to the designated spot on the keepsake, students and alumni can instantly access a personalized digital experience. This immersive journey is filled with treasured photos, videos, messages, and other meaningful content, enabling people of all ages to relive and share college memories like never before.

For colleges themselves, Vaulted's "College Memory" is designed to support Residential Life, Community Engagement, Alumni Development, and other college organizations in their efforts to better engage their communities. By incorporating Vaulted coins into college-branded swag, seamless connections between the college and its students and alumni are created, fostering a deeper sense of pride and strengthening relationships, real time information, and creating the ability to preserve lasting legacies.

4 Key Benefits of Vaulted's "College Memory Coin" Keepsakes:

  1. Celebrate: Commemorate college legacy with high-quality collectibles that evoke nostalgia and celebrate unique journeys.

  2. Digital Connectivity: Seamlessly connect communities with sustainable technology across campuses, extending into homes and dorm rooms.

  3. Engagement and Pride: Engage with the college community on a deeper level by showcasing branded keepsakes that foster a sense of pride and connection.

  4. Customization: Personalize keepsakes, allowing individuals to add their own memories, to create a truly unique and meaningful experience.
“We are excited to create a memorable and engaging experiences for students and alumni,” says Hanson, “Celebrating stories and college legacies strengthens ties to the institution.”

To learn more about Vaulted's "College Memory Coins" and branded keepsakes, see the Vaulted website at www.vaulted-co.com or contact at media@vaulted-co.com.

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