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Vaulted is the keeper of memories, a bridge to play back your favorite life moments.

Vaulted founder, Lara Hanson, has been leading technology innovation for over 20 years.  After a near death experience she wanted to find a better way to share stories with her children.  Connecting  keepsakes to digital stories and memories was the magic she created, and Vaulted was born.

Vaulted is the inventor of Memory Coins.  Memory coins, enabled with built in NFC sensors, attach to any keepsake, to share stories.

1. Authenticate 2. Secure to Vault 3. Add Memories. WHY

Vaulted transforms physical objects into interactive memories.  ( Watch How )

Learn more about Vaulted on our Community Blog.

Vaulted also works with brands who are looking to activate products for authenticity and gifting, enabling memories to be shared seamlessly via QR or by adding Memory Coins.

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  • Lara Hanson

    Founder & CEO

    Lara has 25 years of experience in technology where she led digital products at Viacom and innovation at Qwasi. Lara is a Santa Monica Native. She was a full scholarship athlete at Fordham University. Professor at Fordham University, and Seton Hall University. She was the recipient of the Daniel E Quilty Award and NABOW entrepreneurship award. Lara is a mother of two, continues to coach basketball, and resides in Kent, Connecticut.




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