2024 Los Angeles Series Announced: March Memories

2024 Los Angeles Series Announced: March Memories


A Memory Collaboration with Universities & Organizations

Kent, CT - VAULTED, a leader in innovative memory technology, is excited to announce its West Coast road show. VAULTED willwork with organizations, to implement memory coin technology, enabling them to permanently share their legacies.

Dust of Your Archives!  Throughout the month of March, the VAULTED team will offering interactive onsite workshops to convert awards and memorabilia into interactive memories.

Register your teams for a free hands-on workshop that includes a 1.5 hours interactive class, 10 memory coins for an opportunity to create a fun and easy roadmap for future generations to relive the thrills of your organizations high points.

"We are thrilled to take VAULTED on the road and connect with universities and organizations along the West Coast," said Lara Hanson, Founder at VAULTED. "Our mission is to transform memories into timeless treasures, and this road show is a fantastic opportunity to share our passion and expertise with a wider audience."

VAULTED'S West Coast road show promises to be an immersive experience, combining education, innovation, and the magic of creating lasting memories.

Book at onsite with VAULTED  here or contact us via our support team at support@vaulted-co.com to learn more.

About VAULTED: VAULTED is a technology company specializing in memory innovation technology and collectible management. VAULTED assists individual and organizations with transforming timeless treasures into easily accessible cherished memories. For more information, visit https://vaulted-co.com/
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