Top 10 Vaulted Keepsakes & Collectibles

Top 10 Vaulted Keepsakes & Collectibles

    In the age of digital innovation, vaulting has transcended the realm of physical safes and secure storage. As technology evolves, the practice of safeguarding valuable assets and cherished information has taken on a new form—vaulting in the digital sphere. From memories and documents to assets and credentials, the possibilities are boundless. In this era of data-centric living, we delve into the top 10 things to vault, exploring how the convergence of security and convenience is shaping the way we preserve, protect, and engage with what matters most.

    1. Collections: Trading Cards, Action figures, Stamps, Coins, Journals, Concert Tickets
    We all love the movie 40-Year-Old Virgin and Andy’s obsession with action figures!  Now you have a reason to dust off your collections, and give them the memory they deserve!


    1. Family Cookbooks

    There is always that one family recipe everyone loves but struggles to recreate.  Now videos can be easily added to recipes, so no detail is missed. Simply record a video of your beloved chef making the dish, and Vault your cookbook to bring it to life. Check out Grandma's Project for more inspiration!


    1. Wedding: Album, Dress, Ring Box, Picture

    Everyone has amazing wedding stories, but so many of those end up in dusty boxes.  Vaulting wedding items add fun digital stories, videos, and digital albums for generations to come.


    1. Birthday & Holiday Cards

    Seasonally we send cards with fun pictures from the year. But what about explaining the backstories of those photos? By vaulting cards, now people can see the fun videos and stories behind the beautiful cards they are receiving to make special holidays even more magical.


    1. Gifts

    Make gifts and greeting cards more memorable and fun!  When we purchase gifts and cards, there is often meaning behind it.  That card is afterwards discarded, and the sentiment is lost.  You can preserve these sentiments by Vaulting gifts. It makes greeting cards more engaging with fun videos, photographs and messages to the recipient.   Additionally, Vaulted gives you the ability to update the message at any time throughout the year. 


    1. Art

    Name that artist?  As we get older, we start to inherit art passed down and begin our own collections. The significance of these art pieces can become lost over time.  We are excited to help people not only preserve these memories but share the stories and history of the art through videos, photos, recordings and stories.


    1. Annual Albums

    When my husband and I were married and our first child was born, he wanted me to print photos and create albums.  I explained that was archaic discovered something more modern.  I found a great app called Pastbook, that enabled me to post photos of our children from the year. Now every year as a holiday gift, he gets a big book of our memories throughout the year.  BUT, what about videos?  That is where Vaulted comes in. 


    1. Quilts, Homemade Garments

    My daughter's 3rd birthday was rainbow themed and my mother-in-law found this great fabric. Together, they picked out the pattern for the dress and it was by far the gift she had been most excited about.  When she is 10 will she remember the dress? What about when she passes down to her daughter, will she know the significance?  Vaulting these beautiful items made with love from special family was something we want to make sure to preserve.


    1. Awards

    Most awards only have small inscriptions, by Vaulting awards you can now replay the sports highlights, link the articles, and add photographs from the awards ceremony to enjoy the memory for all time.


    1. Photographs
    “Every object can tell a story if we let it” - Henry Ford.  I love old pictures of grandparents and now the photo's can tell their story by video or with audio recordings.  By Vaulting these photos, it is easy to remember who they are, and unlock fun additional details like ancestry stories for anyone who previews the vaulted asset. 


    What is in your Top 10 list for Vaulting?  Share your list and we will publish it to the community to help others getting their Vaults started.

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