Authenticate sports memorabilia to share their story and value and now add memories with a Vaulted coin.

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Connect Your Sports Memorabilia to Your Favorite Moments & Memories.

Watch How this 6 year old vaults his Yankee collection 

Vaulted is a great gift for athletes, and parents / grandparents of athletes, so that everyone can enjoy favorite sports moments!

In the world of sports memorabilia and collectibles, every item tells a story, a narrative intertwined with the passion of fandom and the awe of witnessing history. These treasures aren't just objects; they're connections to unforgettable moments, cherished heroes, and personal journeys. Enter Vaulted coins, the new technology that preserves treasures and add selected memories to a secure and personalized Vault. Vaulted is changing the game for sports enthusiasts and collectors alike.

1. The Power of Connecting Memories:

Vaulted coins empower collectors to forge a deeper connection between their sports memorabilia and the moments that made them significant. Easily attach career highlight videos, photo albums, social media posts, and news clippings to your cherished items. It's not just about owning a piece of history; it's about reliving and sharing the moments that define your passion.


2. Authenticity Meets Legacy:

One of the biggest challenges in the world of collectibles is authenticity. With counterfeit items flooding the market, knowing the true value of your collectibles can be daunting. Vaulted changes the game by providing a secure platform for authenticating your sports treasures. Not only does this safeguard your investments, but it also enhances both the street value and sentimental value of your collection. Now, your memorabilia isn't just an item; it's a testament to your dedication and the legacy of the sport.

3. Preserving History for Generations:

Vaulted isn't just about managing and safeguarding your sports memorabilia; it's about preserving the stories that make them special. Imagine passing down your collection to future generations, complete with the stories, videos, and images that breathe life into these artifacts. Your personalized Vault becomes a time capsule, ensuring that the passion and memories associated with these items endure for years to come.

Everlasting Value of Sentiment

Sports memorabilia and collectibles aren't just investments; they're emotional investments. The sentimental value of a signed jersey or a game-used baseball can often exceed its market price. Vaulted coins enhance this sentiment by allowing you to share your passion with a global community of sports enthusiasts. Connect with like-minded collectors, share stories, and celebrate the love for the game together.

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