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Lara Hanson

Founder & CEO

In the ever-evolving landscape of technological innovation, Lara Hanson has emerged as a trailblazer with her visionary approach to reshaping the way we perceive and share cherished memories.  As the founder of this groundbreaking technology, Hanson has seamlessly blended physical provenance with digital storytelling, propelling her into the forefront of an emerging industry. Recent developments, including her admission to the renowned Tech Stars Program in 2023, have only solidified her position as a force to be reckoned with in the business world.

Lara Hanson's journey to becoming a trailblazer in the tech world has roots in her groundbreaking achievements in sports, notably as the first girl to break barriers and join the boys club in Santa Monica. Not content with merely shattering stereotypes, she went on to make history by becoming the first girl selected for the boys' all-star team in Santa Monica, a testament to her exceptional skills and tenacity. This drive for excellence continued as Lara joined the renowned Palos Verdes Peninsula girls' basketball team, where she played a pivotal role in clinching two CIF championships. Notably, the program's success caught the attention of Disney, inspiring the creation of the movie "Double Teamed." Lara's early athletic triumphs laid the foundation for her resilience, determination, and ultimately, her transformative impact in the realms of business and technology.

From Basketball to Business:

Hanson's entrepreneurial journey finds its roots in a distinguished athletic career, where she excelled as a full scholarship D1 basketball player under the esteemed Coach Jim Lewis. Her achievements extend beyond the court, earning her a feature in the book "At The Rim" alongside Betty Jaynes, a notable figure in the Women's Basketball Coaches Association.

Diverse Corporate Experience:

With a strategic and forward-thinking mindset, Hanson navigated through prominent roles at Sports Illustrated, Viacom, and Qwasi. Notable projects, including her contributions to Rate My Professor and her tenure as Chief Innovation Officer at Qwasi, underscore her proficiency in digital development. Hanson's leadership supported a diverse array of globally recognized brands, including Google, LVMH, Vans, Domino's Pizza, Starwood Hotel, TD Ameritrade, and Cisco.

Accolades and Recognition:

Hanson's prowess in entrepreneurship has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the prestigious NAWBO entrepreneurship award and the Daniel E. Quilty Award at Madison Square Garden. These accolades attest to her significant contributions to the business world.

Educational and Coaching Impact:

Beyond her corporate achievements, Hanson has made an impact in the realms of academia and sports coaching. With coaching roles at Fordham University and Hoop Group, coupled with teaching positions at Seton Hall University and Fordham University, she has bridged the gap between theory and practice in both spheres.

Media Acclaim:

In 2023, Hanson's journey took an exciting turn with her admission to the Tech Stars Program, catapulting her into the spotlight. She is now featured prominently on Tech Stars' official gift platform (, gaining recognition for her innovative work.

Media outlets, including CT News 8 (, Register Citizen (, Kent News (, Lakeville Journal (, and News Times ( have recognized Hanson's work at Trinity College, showcasing her dedication to preserving precious moments digitally through her high-tech memory coins.

In an era marked by the rapid evolution of technology and an increasingly digital existence, Vaulted emerges as a crucial and timely innovation. As society navigates the complexities of a fast-paced, interconnected world, the significance of preserving our collective memories has never been more pronounced. Vaulted serves as a poignant reminder of our shared human experience, offering a tangible link between the past and the present. In a time where the digital landscape often overshadows traditional forms of legacy, Vaulted fills a vital void by providing a secure space for the conservation of personal and familial narratives. By facilitating the seamless integration of memories, stories, and familial connections, Vaulted not only honors the essence of our shared history but also contributes to the preservation of our cultural heritage. As a society, embracing technologies like Vaulted becomes a means of safeguarding the richness of our collective tapestry for generations to come.

At the heart of Vaulted's inception lies Lara Hanson's profound desire to forge a lasting legacy for her two children and family. Motivated by a deep understanding of the value of shared memories, stories, and the genuine connection between ancestry and family heirlooms, Lara embarked on a mission to create a meaningful bridge between generations. Vaulted is more than a technological innovation; it serves as a vessel for the preservation of cherished moments, ensuring that the rich tapestry of familial history remains vivid and accessible. Through this visionary endeavor, Lara aims to empower individuals and families to not only celebrate their heritage but also to pass down a tangible, digital chronicle of their lives, fostering a sense of continuity that transcends time and enriches the bonds that define us.


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