How to Stamp Your Memories

Stamp keepsakes through Vault and attach your precious memories!

Gift Memories

Stamping memories onto keepsakes through Vaulted is a straightforward yet powerful process designed to imbue objects with a sense of provenance and personal significance. The innovative Vaulted stamp serves as a digital fingerprint, enabling individuals to authenticate and personalize any item of their choosing. By affixing this unique stamp, users seamlessly embed memories and stories onto their keepsakes, ensuring a genuine and authenticated connection to the past. This process not only adds a layer of authenticity to cherished objects but also transforms them into vessels that carry the rich tapestry of personal history, creating a tangible link between the physical world and the digital realm of cherished memories.

Memories on devices

Preserve your memories through Vaulted by embedding them onto a Vaulted Stamp (also known as a Memory Coin) and placing it on awards, gifts, or any other keepsake to share stories, favorite moments and preserve legacies.  

Memories are first created by using your phone or computer to record ownership and register a specific Vaulted Stamp within Vaulted. 

Once registered, many forms of memories may all be attached to that stamp including personal messages, verbal stories, old videos or photos, career highlights, award ceremonies, newspaper articles, game videos, event photo albums, social media reels, or anything that has been transferred to the cloud.

A memory coin attached to an object       A memory coin next to an object    Memory coin next to a ring

By placing that Vaulted Stamp on a physical object, it allows anyone to scan the Stamp and view all attached memories. You are also able to edit, add and update memories over time. 

Once everything is registered, recorded, and attached to a stamp, it is permanently stored within Vaulted’s digital vault for safe keeping. Even if a physical object that has been stamped becomes lost or destroyed, those digital memories attached to it will always live on within Vaulted and are easily reassigned by attaching to another registered Vaulted Stamp.  

Stamped memories can be texted for sharing, duplicated for family and friend access, and posted online as well as into social media to be shared with broader communities. Register for one on one virtual vaulting session with our customer experience team to start building your vault!

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