VAULTED maintains a support team (“VAULTED Support Services”) to provide support to Customer during the Term. VAULTED Support Services will coordinate incident isolation, testing and repair work within VAULTED and, as applicable, with VAULTED’s third party providers, as set forth in this Exhibit D (Support). Support does not include training or professional consulting services, which are provided via a separate Statement of Work on a time and materials basis at VAULTED’s then-current rates.


  1. Reporting Errors to VAULTED

If Customer discovers an error within the Subscription Services that prevents the Subscription Services from operating in material conformity with its Documentation (an “Error”), Customer shall report the Error to VAULTED (each, an “Error Report”) via the VAULTED Support email address ( during VAULTED’s normal support hours (which are currently 24x7x365) (“Support Hours”). Additionally, to the extent reasonably possible, VAULTED Support Services will proactively inform Customer when VAULTED Support Services becomes aware of an Error or other issue or condition arises that may disrupt use of the Subscription Services and/or cause potential system anomalies. The severity classification of each Error will be assigned by VAULTED at the time the Error is reported to VAULTED.


During the incident isolation and troubleshooting process, VAULTED Support Services will provide an initial report to Enterprise Customers, and follow-up updates to Enterprise Customers, in accordance with the Severity Level of the Error. All communication will be in the English language.


  1. System Maintenance

In order to maintain performance of the Subscription Services, VAULTED performs maintenance during scheduled maintenance windows, during which time specific functionality within the Subscription Services may be suspended during the maintenance period. VAULTED will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify Customer in advance of scheduled maintenance that may adversely impact use of the Subscription Services. Additionally, VAULTED may need to perform emergency maintenance, including security patch installation or hardware replacement. VAULTED will not be able to provide advanced notice in case of emergency maintenance. Loss of availability of the Subscription Services due to scheduled maintenance and/or emergency maintenance shall not constitute Downtime.


  1. Customer Contact

Customer will designate up to two (2) employees as its primary contacts with VAULTED (“Customer Contacts”). Each Customer Contact must (i) be able to provide written descriptions of reported problems, together with reasonable supporting data, and (ii) have the relevant technical knowledge necessary to assist VAULTED in performing the Support Services contemplated under this Exhibit.