Thank you for joining Vaulted!  We are excited to share our story and technology.  

We are technologists, misfits and dreamers inspired by people, brands, and their stories.  We created VAULTED because we wanted to give people and brands a way to share their products and provenance securely, enable customers to authenticate, and build collections with their favorite brands.

We are proud to be a woman owned business, employing a diverse team of passionate technologists who have supported brand innovation for over 20 years.

We created Vaulted because we wanted a better way share stories with the world.  For brands this is the provenance of their products and for people - their memories.  

Vaulted for Brands

In 2019, Apple released contactless capabilities making QR and chip reading universal across +8B smart phones.  In that evolution, Vaulted came forward as the bridge to connect physical objects to the digital world.

Hence, Vaulted developed a proprietary way to create variable data management for contactless objects and invented what we call “authentic tokens.”  Our tokens can be applied to products and keepsakes alike to authenticate provenance and enable digital storytelling.

Digital storytelling includes the history behind an object as well as the personalized stories from social media that include video, audio recordings, social media, ancestry profiles, that give provenance to the keepsakes.

Tap to authenticate the collectible

Here's how it works:

1. Attach the Vaulted Memory Coin to your keepsake.

2. Tap the coin with your phone's NFC contactless reader, then enter email to claim ownership.

3. Complete the email verification, then add keepsakes details: Name, Description, and Links (photos, videos, audio) to attach your digital memories.

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Enjoy building your Vaulted collection! 

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