We are excited to share our ground breaking technology. Check out the Vaulted story and meet our founder. 

VAULTED is the inventor of Memory Coins. Our technology connects objects to interactive memories, and secure them in personalized vaults. We make it easy to track beloved keepsakes, attach favorite videos, photo albums, memories and more!

$1.99/mo Starter Kit

Vaulted works with brands to authenticate products, share provenance and makes it simple for customers to add their memories to customize products into collectibles.

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Vaulted for Brands

Our memory coins are built with near field sensor technology for contactless, tap for seamless authentic experiences.

Vaulted's proprietary design and methodology enable memory coins enable brands, families and collectors to track and trace curated treasures and preserve their authenticity for generations to come.

How It Works:

1. Attach Coin.

2. Claim Vault Ownership.

3. Write memory description, and add links to photos, videos, audio, and social media.

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We are proud to be a woman owned business, employing a diverse team of passionate technologists who have supported brand innovation for over 20 years.