How Vaulted Works

Stamp your memories into a memory coin and experience an immersive adventure by reliving your favorite moments in life. Take a trip down memory lane with a stamp that holds your digital journey and can be placed on your beloved collectibles.

Memories are first created by using your phone or computer to record ownership and register a specific memory coin within vaulted. Once registered, many forms of memories can be linked to that stamp including personal messages, verbal stories, old videos or photos, career highlights, award ceremonies, newspaper articles, game videos, event photo albums, social media reels, or anything that has been transferred to the cloud.

A memory coin can be placed onto a physical object to allow you to scan the coin and view the memories linked to it. As you make more memories, you can easily add to the coin over time. After everything is registered, recorded, and attached to a memory coin, it is permanently stored within Vaulted’s digital vault for safekeeping. Digital memories attached to the memory coin will always live on within Valuted’s digital vault allowing them to be easily reassigned to another registered memory coin if a stamped object is lost or destroyed. A stamped memory can be shared through texting, duplicated for extended access, and posted online as well as on social media to be shared with broader communities.    

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