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Collectibles Starter Kit

Collectibles Starter Kit

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Vaulted supports brands to build authenticity and enable customers to add their personal memories.  Vaulted works with your innovation team and printer Vaulted collector coins to products to upgrade for Vaulted engagement. Get started today with a Vaulted Collectibles kit to begin building collectible and memory based product lines.



The ability to create and secure millions of variable data assets via QR and NFC. This provides global campaign management across all assets for custom content association.


This software license includes a platform setup and dashboard to manage all assets and data insights. Upgrade from a book to enterprise offering.


Includes an live on-boarding team, training, and 24/7 support.

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What types of things have been Vaulted?

Check out great examples on social media:







What is included in my Vaulted book?

Vaulted books enable brands to setup branded authentication and build a vaulting strategy. This includes the ability to curate custom content and personalized vaults for customers. Purchase a book and schedule a design session to curate your Vaulted experience.

Why is vaulting and authentication important to my brand?

In the US there is a $6B counterfeit market. Vaulting enables brands to ensure authenticity, integrity, and better onboard customers into collections around products.

Did you know Vaulting has sustainability and upcycle/recycle tracking?

When brands enable Vaulting, every product and physical item produced is given an id that enables brands to share recycling and upcycling options with customers, and aggregate the metrics to understand how many products have been upcycled and recycled, creating a sustainability score.