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Transform every product into a collectible.

Collection: DISCOVER

Everyone has collections of treasured items, family heirlooms, and stories that deserve preservation.  Vaulted gives digital provenance to all objects with inheritance tracking and memory safekeeping with videos, photos, audio recordings, and other digital content.

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What is a Vault?

A Vault is a proprietary technology that enables people to authenticate collectibles with a personalized microchip and digital identification process. Vaulted books are shipped with these microchips for customers to attach to collectibles enabling the build out of their personalized Vault.

VAULTED transforms physical objects into interactive memories. VAULTED, similar to ancestry platforms, but rather than preserving family trees, we preserve keepsakes and memories. We make it easy to track your favorite keepsakes and add favorite videos, photos, social posts and memories!

Can I expand my Vault?

Customers create their own Vaults with Vaulted Collector Coins to organize and authenticate their own collectibles. Customers can join branded Vaults managed by brands to confirm authenticity of products purchased. Both types of Vaults can hold infinite collectibles for people who want to build out various types of collections.

What do people Vault?

Vaults often include family heirlooms, any type of collection, and brand collectibles. Check out the top ten Vaulted list.

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